Frequently Asked Questions

We don’t have access to your ERP system.  We provide credentials to your ERP provider to access and post to our API.  You are the sender. We are the receiver; in turn we process your data for the sole purpose of providing aggregated and anonymized market analytics. We have a published data covenant that states specifically our safe handling of all subscriber data. We do not engage in buying, selling or transacting of data. Additionally, only authorized representatives of current subscribing companies have access to the platform.   

We use proprietary quorum logic rules that are built-in and provides visibility to the market only when a certain number of participants are actively transmitting data for that commodity and method during a specified period of time. The USDA requires a minimum of 3 in a particular region to establish a quorum and to share data.  We require 5 participating companies in each origin and method in order to present a live aggregated market screen, to ensure anonymity.  

Highland Ag MarketWatch is built with sustainability in mind. A robust Master Data Management system is of first importance.  There are hundreds of data integrity flags built into the system to prevent errors from hitting the aggregated market visualizations. As we discover new ones, it is easy for us to capture them and manage them separately. Additionally, MarketWatch requires a separate administrative app and a team of data analysts to standardize new data attributes and ensure trouble transactions are dealt with timely. 

We are committed to never reveal the names of the companies participating in HighlandAg MarketWatch. However, we have a built in market reporting percentage which will give you and your company a confidence factor when making business decisions.

No problem, there are many ERP systems in the market place to choose from. Some of which we already have an active integration with. An ERP system that tracks current inventory and shipments is required to ensure the accuracy and integrity of Highland Ag MarketWatch. 

Highland Ag MarketWatch was built with several data safety mechanisms in place. Key principles integral to it’s architecture are Privacy, Anonymity, Security, and Transparency. There is much to say about how this platform satisfies these principles, and we can go over that more fully in a demo.

Highland Ag MarketWatch shows the FOB First Handler volumes and price. Our subscribers must have an ERP and be able to provide First Handler FOB price at time of shipment.