Episode #57: Answering the Fresh Produce Industry’s Call for a Reliable Data Solution

At Highland Ag, we believe that data is the key to unlocking success in agriculture. But when it comes to aggregating, analyzing, and presenting that data, not all approaches are created equal. In this episode, we discuss the need for a more reliable source of data in the fresh produce industry and why we built Highland Ag MarketWatch.


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Three Ways to Improve Your Grower Relations

Highland Ag MarketWatch® is a SAAS software created specifically for the fresh produce industry by long-time industry leaders. The software aggregates data from several fresh produce-specific ERPs to provide real-time insights, including market pricing, inventories, freight rate, and trends. It’s faster than traditional ways of gathering information, and it keeps every arm of your operation informed.

The Power of Data: Food Waste Prevention Week

According to the United Nations, 14 percent of food produced worldwide is lost between harvest and retail, and the fresh produce industry is no exception. However, sustainability in agriculture is becoming increasingly important, and data analysis is helping companies tackle the problem of food waste. We discovered through a pro-competitive data analysis tool, Highland Ag MarketWatch®, supply chain transparency has helped the fresh produce industry reduce food waste. 

Highland Ag Solutions Cultivates Exponential Growth

At Highland Ag, the customer always comes first. “The ag industry is relationship driven. Brian brings a depth of experience and an extensive network up and down the berry supply chain. We’re excited for Brian to leverage those connections and his experience to drive adoption of our technologies in the specialty crop market.” – Justin Machell, CEO

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